May 14 2020 13:08:04

"Arrangiami!100 anni per il futuro"

Mei -Meeting of italian independent labels and Bixio Publishing Group present the contest "Arrangiami!100 anni per il futuro".Young musicians (18 and 35 years old) are asked to re - arrange or re-elaborate milestones in Cinevox and Bixio Publishing Group catalogue, composed by artists like Piero Umiliani, Goblin, Piero Piccioni, Armando Trovajoli, Bixio - Frizzi- Tempera  and many mo... More info

February 13 2020 14:31:20

Out now the soundtrack of "Mai scherzare con le stelle"

The soundtrack of the tv movie "Mai scherzare con le stelle" will be released on february 14th on all main digital music stores. The movie is directed by Matteo Oleotto and stars Alessandro Roja, Pilar Fogliati, Carlotta Natoli. It is produced by Pepito Produzioni with Rai Fiction. Music was composed by Giuliano Taviani and Carmelo Travia. The soundtrack includes 11 tracks amongst which there's th... More info

January 31 2020 10:25:51

Cinevox releases Tidbeats

On the occasion of the 100 years of Casa Bixio, Cinevox releases Tidbeats.Tidbeats is a play on the word tidbits. Those that lay, forgotten, in the vault of Cinevox Record are truly 60's and 70's “delicious morsels”: original tracks by Stelvio Cipriani, Francesco De Masi, Piero Umiliani, Gianni Ferrio, Giorgio Gaslini, Riz Ortolani, Armando Trovajoli, Piero Piccioni and many other great... More info

November 20 2019 10:02:09

Out now: the soundtrack of the movie "Cetto c'è, senzadubbiamente"

The soundtrack of the movie "Cetto c'è, senzadubbiamente", directed by Giulio Manfredonia and starring Antonio Albanese, is now available on main download and streaming music stores. The movie will be screened in cinemas from november 21st 2019 and it is distributed by Vision Distribution. Besides the original score composed by Emanuele Bossi the album includes three songs composed by Pie... More info

October 22 2019 08:56:54

The soundtrack of "Extravergine" is now online

Cinevox releases the soundtrack of the tv series "Extravergine", directed by Roberta Torre, produced by Publispei and broadcasted by Fox Life Italia. The score was composed by Federico Novelli. Furthermore, for this new show the director selected more than 60 tracks from Cinevox catalogue.  More info

June 17 2019 10:04:21

Now online the soundtrack of the tv show "Lontano da te"

Cinevox Record releases on digital stores the  soundtrack of the tv series "Lontano da te". The series starring Alessandro Tiberi and Megan Montaner is directed by Ivan Silvestrini. It aired in Italy on Canale 5, it is produced by Cross Productions and Mediaset Espana. The music is composed by Michele Braga and Tommy Caputo. The show tells the story of Massimo and Cande... More info

December 12 2018 10:54:05

The soundtrack of the movie "Due soldati" by Marco Tullio Giordana is now online

The soundtrack of the movie Due soldati, directed by Marco Tullio Giordana. Music were composed by Andrea Farri.   Due soldati is set in Naples and tells the story of two young men who live very different lives: Salvatore drives trucks that carry  drugs, while Enzo is a soldier who works in a high risk zone and plans to marr... More info

October 19 2018 14:21:12

Out now a new vinyl edition of "Profondo Rosso"

Thanks to the partnership between AMS Records (for years in charge for the vinyl reissues of Cinevox productions) and Mondo / Death Waltz, leader in reissuing cult soundtracks on vinyl (with a catalog of hundreds of titles, including Alien,Drive, Back to the Future &&n... More info

October 10 2018 14:02:39

"L'uomo che comprò la luna" at Rome Film Festival

The movie "L'uomo che comprò la luna" directed by Paolo Zucca and produced by La Luna, Indigo Film and Rai Cinema will be screened in Rome at Casa del Cinema during Rome Film Festival on the 15th of october 2018. Bixio Publishing Group publishes the soundtrack, composed by Andrea Guerra.  More info